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This free solution targets mainly U.S. K-12 Math teachers, however it can be used by parents and math teachers in countries other than U.S.

   U.S. K-12 Math teachers

Leverage contents that are aligned to common core state standards
          All available questions are aligned to 1-n standards
          All available test templates are aligned to 1-n standards
          Create your test using available 1,800+ test templates.   View
          Create your test using available 7,500+ question templates.   View
Leverage analytics to improve teaching and performance
          While keeping student identities anonymous teachers can still access learning analytics.  
          Improve student performance & teaching effectiveness based on measurable metrics.  
          Intervene early.  
          Access to standard-based reports.   View Sample
          Access to question-based reports.   View Sample
          Access to user-based reports.   View Sample
Participate in the content development process
          Add comments and feedback for each question.  
          Add comments and feedback for each test template.  
          Add a question wish list. Add suggestions on what questions should be added.   
          Comments and suggestions are submitted and visible to orgLib administrators only.  


Parents should consider using orgLib as an additional tool with their kids for the following reasons:

1- Students become technologically literate
Through gaining practice and familiarity with computer-based quiz and test format that are similar to state online assessments education can be enhanced through technology.
2- Parents have access to the same analytics that teachers have

3- Parents can intervene early to improve their kids performance

   Math Teachers in countries other than U.S.

Math teachers in any country can leverage the standard based reports and learning analytics to evaluate teaching and improve student performance.