- Data dashboard and learning analytics for teachers:

Access anlaytics by item, by standard, by student, by class and by assessment

1) Questions summary report

From this report the test provider (teacher) can see what the test consumers (students) did not understand as well what they did understand really well.

For example, 50% of the test consumers had trouble answering question 1, 5 and 8, while 100% answered question 7 correctly and , 90% answered questions 3, 4 & 9 correctly.

2) Users-Standards summary report

From this report the test provider (teacher) can see which standard the test consumers (students) did not master.

For example, student u6 needs a daily tutoring, while student u10 did well over all but needs a day of tutoring in standards 4.OA.1 & 4.OA.4

This report also can tell teachers if they need to re-teach a standard.

For example, standard 4.OA.1 needs to be re-taught, only 4 of 10 students did master this standard. On the other hand standard 4.OA.2 was mastered by 90% students and maybe a similar lesson plan for 4.OA.2 is needed for 4.OA.1

3) Users-Questions summary report

From this report the test provider can see how each test consumer (student) answered each question.

4) Question-Standards - Users detail report

From this report the test provider can view a detail and summary of actual results on a question

In this example, the question is multi-choice question allowing multiple answers.

Choice #1 & 5 are distractors and wer selected 20%
Choice #3 is also a distractor and was selected 30%
Choice #4 is a correct one and is selected 100%

The report tells the teacher what the students are doing wrong and why.

5) User-Questions - Standards detail report

This is a full detail and summary user report where the teacher can analyze the student's answers to each question.

The teacher also access 3 additioanl question dimensions of the user's result, which are provided in the sections:

- Standard Report
- Thinking Skill Comlexity Level Report
- Mathematical Practices Report

mathematical practices report